Professional Web Design

So you’re thinking of going custom, hey? Fact: Whether you’re a merchant, a consultant, a blogger or stylist, the digital world is a busy place to say the least. Do yourself and your business a favor and opt for a custom, purposefully designed, sleeker-than-your-average site. At Zazen Designs, there’s no cookie cutter templates here, just bespoke designs that are thoughtfully crafted especially for you.

Content Site

A content site is for consultants, bloggers, stylists, photographers, business owners and pretty much anyone who’s got something to say but doesn’t need an online store. Our process is collaborative right from the get-go, first we tee up a brainstorming session with you and your team to nut out everything that you want covered on your site, it’s then followed by 4 weeks of bespoke design.

Ecommerce Site

An e-commerce site is for anyone selling a physical product, digital product or a service through their website. Just like designing a content site, our process is collaborative right from the get-go. Our designers design for a silky smooth customer journey and put consideration into SEO so your audience can find you and spend their hard earned cash in your new, very sleek online store.

The Team

Benjamin Matheson
Owner / Web Designer

Kate Shawver
Logo Design & Web Developer

Usman Muhammad
Security & Hosting